I am a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellow at the University of Liverpool, hosted in the group of Alessandro Troisi.

I am interested in how the macroscopic properties of organic semiconductors are determined at the nanoscale level. Throughout my work, I have sought to relate the insight from a wide range of theoretical methods into valuable models that directly translate to experimental observables. For my publications list, see Google Scholar.

MSCA-IF BIOMOSAIC From biopigments to bioelectronics: modeling semiconducting eumelanin-based interfaces

I am working on developing a computational model of eumelanin, the biopigment present in human hair, eyes and skin, as a potential semiconductor in bioelectronic devices. My goal is to unravel its structure-property relationship, and ultimately build a charge transport model able to capture both electronic and ionic conduction.


I have been invited to give a talk at the ACS Fall 2022 Meeting in August, at the Symposium on “Structure and dynamics in the carbon-based nanostructure superfamily”. Chicago, here I come!!

I am giving a research seminar at the 2022 CCP5 Summer School at the University of Durham. Wow!

21 January 2022 - I am giving my FIRST IN PERSON SEMINAR SINCE 2019, at the University of Edinburgh (Department of Chemistry, host: Dr Antonia Mey)!

12 January 2022 - Finally out! Read my review on operando characterization of OMIEC materials with the Rivnay group, just out in Chemical Reviews

23 June 2021 - I am giving a seminar (online) at Washington University in St. Louis, Department of Chemistry

07 June 2021 - I am organizing the E-Mat Symposium, an event featuring early career and established experts in eumelanin-inspired materials

04 June 2021 - I am giving a seminar (online) at King’s College London, Department of Chemistry

02 June 2021 - I am giving a talk at the eMRS Meeting

26 May 2021 - I am teaching a MDAnalysis workshop

07 May 2021 - I am giving a seminar (online) at EPFL!

27 April 2021 - I am giving a seminar (online) at Syracuse University, Department of Chemistry

21 April 2021 - Check out my poster for the 2021 Spring ACS Meeting!

31 March 2021 - I am giving a seminar (online) at Queen Mary’s University of London

30 March 2021 - I am giving a talk at the RSC Faraday Meeting

<!02 December 2020 - I am presenting 2 talks at the MRS Fall Meeting–>

<!04 August 2020 - Read the accepted Chemistry of Materials paper on ion chelation and coordination in p(g2T-TT) here–>

<!22 July 2020 - Our collaborative work on the side chain engineering of glycolated polymers with the McCulloch group is published in Chemistry of Materials–>

<!08 May 2020 - My preprint on ion chelation in the glycolated polymer p(g2T-TT) is online on ChemRxiv –>

<!01 April 2020 - I have officially started my Marie Curie Fellowship!–>

<!22 January 2020 - My paper on DHICA melanin is published on J Phys Chem Letters–>