Dowload my teaching statement here.

Teaching Interests

I am confident teaching all flavors of physical chemistry and general chemistry courses as well as organic electronics, polymer/materials chemistry at both graduate and undergraduate level. I would love to develop and teach a course focused on the Python programming language and its applications in computational chemistry; this could be either tailored towards graduate students or towards Master/Bachelor students as an introductory programming course with general scope. I also plan to cover version control (git) and data visualization.

Teaching experience

Over my PhD and postdoctoral career, I have acquired experience in teaching a wide range of physical chemistry laboratory classes, including kinetics and thermodynamics, quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics, scientific programming in Italian, English and French. At Northwestern University I gave guest General Chemistry lectures to ~200 first year students.

I am passionate about teaching coding and data analysis skills, particularly in the context of computational materials science, and I am currently training to become a certified Software Carpentry instructor.

I co-organized and taught a 2-day workshop on data analysis of molecular simulations based around the python package MDAnalysis that saw participants from across the US. The workshop material is freely available here.